Daily Life

Wesley Manor

On August 4, 2015, the newly wedded Wesleys signed their lives away to a beautiful brick home sitting on a corner lot with a driveway lined with gorgeous magnolia trees.

We hadn’t necessarily planned on buying a home less than six months after our wedding. But as the end of our lease was coming up in September, we began looking for a new place to rent. After two years in our apartment, renovations were definitely needed (and we bound to happen since a new company had just taken over the property) and with all of our leftover wedding décor and gifts…we had no room! (Seriously. We had kitchen appliances in the dining room and guest room.) We were due for an upgrade.

We began looking for a new apartments, but found nothing in a good area with a decent price that had any sort of good reviews outside of Atlanta. So, we began looking at renting town homes, which led to possibly buying a town home. When we started comparing owning a town home to a home in our area, we realized that a home would probably be the way to go.

However we still weren’t convinced – Tyler’s would be starting grad school soon which would take up a year and put a lot of responsibility on me … and a home is certainly a ton of responsibility. As we were battling through decisions and floor plans, God’s perfect timing stepped in.

We decided to look for a home – But only the right one. A ton of research, a wonderful and knowledgeable realtor and tons of pictures and links consumed our days – Especially mine since I didn’t have a wedding to plan. What a blast. House hunting is joyous. You fall in and out of love and talk about your homes and dreams for the house and your future in it. However, much like my wedding dress, when we found “the one” that ah-ha! moment was missing. I didn’t get overly excited and start envisioning our life in it – I couldn’t believe that this one was in our price range.

On the day of our scheduled visit of the home, Tyler was sick with food poisoning and couldn’t go. He wasn’t even able to stay awake long enough to see any pictures while I was there and certainly not a phone call. So here I was, wandering around a gorgeous home, feeling as though it’s too good to be true and wishing my husband was along side me to figure this out. Thankfully, the owners were incredibly nice, and invited us back to view the home once Tyler was better. So a view days later we stopped by, met the whole family and fell in love.

We learned that not everyone gets to meet the family or owner of the house they’re buying at any point in the process. We met with them multiple times and absolutely loved that blessing. We learned so much about the house and the history as well as the family! We had so much in common and Tyler and I felt like we were looking at our future selves.

So after many phone calls, spread sheets, signatures, inspections, freak outs and excitement amongst ourselves – We signed on the dotted line(s) for our very first home.

Our beautiful brick home on the corner lot with the magnolia lined drive way. The hard wood floors that will feel the pitter-patter or little feet years down the road. The living room that will host many movie date nights enriched with popcorn and coffee. The enormously spacious kitchen that will be (eventually) filled with (hopefully) sweet smells and the sound of simmering food. The movie room that will hold our Christmas traditions and the dining room that will surround our guests as we feed their bellies.

Cheers to our future in our very first home!