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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 55

It’s Monday, which means another weekend is sadly over. You may have noticed that I didn’t have an update last weekend, so I wanted to explain a bit!

With my due date fast approaching, our weekends have been very busy as we prepare. And quite honestly, it’s a little bit boring because our weekends have been the same. They’ve been filled with errands, organizing and lots of resting. I didn’t really want to bore you guys with the same update, so I opted to skip out on the weekend update.

However, I did want to start this diary with a recap of last Friday. Since I didn’t do an update, I didn’t get to brag on the thoughtful shower that was thrown for me and another mama to be at work! There has to be something in the water at work, because everyone is pregnant. We have four ladies due within three months of each other! So on Friday, another mama and I were surprised and spoiled with an adorable shower. They were very sneaky in putting it all together and I was blown away by the generosity of our work family. Thanks to them, I feel so much more prepared for Rosie’s arrival!


Okay, now that I’ve gotten to brag, let’s catch up! This weekend was certainly like the others as far as preparing, but instead of the same ol’ boring organizing, we got around to doing some fun stuff.



My goal on Friday was to complete our hospital bag. I was so indecisive about some things (like what we want her to wear home!) and really procrastinated on getting some things just because I was overwhelmed and unsure. For example: nursing bras – WHAT THE HECK IS UP WITH THOSE? I ordered quite a few online that did not fit and weren’t comfortable. Others that I wanted to try were like, $80 which just blew my mind. I eventually ended up at Target to try some on and found something that wasn’t terrible, so I purchased two for now. Everything fits terribly with a belly, so I’m looking to revisit that hurdle once she’s here.

Anyway, once I got home I made sure everything on my list was checked and the bags were good to go. You can see my checklist here.




We finally finished all of her laundry, so her room is mostly organized. We’re waiting for two décor items and it will finally be done. Now we’re trying to focus on the rest of the house. Aside from the clutter on our desk in our room, we’re good to go! The bassinet is built; we have been trying out the humidifier and cleared the room of the animals.

We’ve slowly been working on the rest of the house to keep it free from clutter and dust. Let me tell ya, this is not easy with a black lab who likes to get his fur everywhere. It’s driving me crazy!! I want to vacuum every day, haha. Hubs helped me do a deep cleaning so other than picking up around the house we’re good to go.

We also installed the car seat in my car on Saturday, which was super exciting! I was surprised because I thought having a jeep would give me plenty of room but I was definitely mistaken! I feel bad for whoever will be sitting in the passenger seat from now on!

On Saturday afternoon, Tyler and I went on a little date to the Fox Theater to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! Going to the movies is one of our favorite dates and The Fox is so beautiful, so it was a fun (possibly) last date night before Rosie’s here! Not to mention they have the best popcorn. We chose a 4 pm showing to avoid an accidental nap by me, but it didn’t exactly work. I ended up dozing off for a bit… Oops!





On Sunday, we focused on getting our guest rooms ready and putting together the rest of the baby gear.  We chose this play yard for home because its simple and easy to use. However, we were gifted another one that has quite the bells and whistles! It took us a while to get it all set up and see how it works, but it looks like it will be one we use for day care.

We also installed Tyler’s car seat, and similar to mine, it feels so huge in his car! It looks awesome and Rosie will be snug and comfy, but again – Good luck to the person in the passenger seat! Luckily, it will more than likely be me sitting there, and I’m small enough that it won’t be too bad.


Later that afternoon we interviewed a caretaker for Rosie once my maternity leave is over. I’m so nervous about this, because I just can’t imagine leaving her. Three months still seems so small! However, we really loved her and felt so comfortable. She’s actually the mother of one of Tyler’s childhood best friends, and she’s been doing this a long time! It feels like a perfect fit, so we’re hoping there will be a spot available when the time comes.

Another exciting piece of news for Sunday is that I woke up to my first contraction! It was only the one (I think), but it was definitely an experience. I was hope for more all day, but got nothing. I’m looking forward to my doctor’s appointment this week to see if anything’s changed and is moving along, but I have a feeling it will definitely be soon!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!