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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 54


Just a little update on life this weekend! We did a lot of prep and errand running, so nothing too exciting. We’ve just been enjoying all the extra cuddles and all the fun preparations for little Rosie. You can catch up on all the baby prep in our most recent bumpdate!


Read on to see what we’ve been up to!


We baby sat my cousins two little darlings after work and it was so much fun! They’re both pretty young, so I was curious to see how antsy I was when it came to watching them. The only thing that surprised me was that I was really worried about them both breathing okay while sleeping, even though I knew they were past that worrying stage. 😂 It was a fun night with hubs and I loved seeing him help with two little girls. 😍



Day one of errands! It’s crunch time now with less than four weeks to go, so we’ve been tying up loose ends. Tyler focused on yard work and a Costco run, while I had a doctor appointment and made some returns to a few stores. We weren’t together most of the day which is weird for us! So we spent the evening cooking dinner together and watching One Tree Hill.



Day two of errands, but at least we got to spend this one together! Tyler finished yard work early that morning. (Kudos to him, because if it were up to me our yard would look like shit 24/7). We finished returning the items we needed to and picked up some last minute things for the nursery.

Later, we came home and started really putting the finishing touches on things in the nursery. It’s all coming together and I’m so excited!! I can’t wait for Rosie to get here. We’re still waiting for her lighting to get delivered, but that’s the last major thing!




This week I’m going to be ordering / picking up her coming home outfits. Thank gosh for our baby showers, we’re almost good to go! I’ll also be packing the hospital bag and ordering the last few things! Thanks for reading!