Month Two With Rosie

  Dear Rosie, You are TWO MONTHS old today. WHAT?! Your daddy and I can’t believe we’ve already spent two perfect months with you. You get more and more beautiful every day. Your eyelashes are out of this world!! We have loved every minute of watching you grow and learn. This month was full of so many new discoveries and shopping because your mama can’t say no to all of the cute things for you!     You’ve done quite a bit this month! You have met three great grandparents, a few of our besties (like your godmother!) and have…

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Things I’m Loving Right Now + What I’m Buying on Amazon

I’ve been spending a looooot of time browsing the internet these days. Between nursing, rocking and playing, I’m doing a ton of online shopping and blog reading (it’s the best way to pass the time / not fall asleep while nursing). Amazon is truly the MVP of keeping me awake. I’ve also fallen in love with a ton of new blogs lately, that I’ve really been inspired to change some things as far as beauty and wellness goes based on some of the things they’ve raved about. I was thinking about sharing some of the blogs that I’ve been obsessed…

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5 Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Pup

  I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween!! Tyler and I don’t do much because we love to hand out candy to our trick or treaters. They’re so cute I can’t even deal. 🙈 Tyler and I always dress the same every year – I’m a Hufflepuff from Hogwarts and Tyler is the dreamy Hufflepuff quidditch captain. 😍 This year we’re so excited about adding Rosie to the mix! She’s going to be a mandrake. 😂 We love seeing everyone’s costume and we always give a shit ton of candy to any kid dressed in anything Harry Potter related. 😂 And…

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New Mom Essentials

As I adjust to #momlife, I’ve learned that you spend a lot of time during the first couple of weeks in one spot. This means that it’s necessary to have a few items within arms reach. Because when baby finally dozes off, you don’t want to move! I’ve listed my current mom necessities and some of my go-to items for when I do have to venture outside of the house. While this post is mostly silly, it’s 100 percent accurate of my life right now. I also have mom brain and can’t finish any other post, so this is all…

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One Month With Rosie

If you want to experience the fastest month of your life, have a baby. It’s crazy to believe we’ve reached our first month with Rosie already! Every day has felt so long and filled with lots of work and yet the time with her has still flown by.  I never want to sleep because I don’t want another day to end! As I’m writing this, she’s laying on my chest snoring away. We spend every moment holding her and it still doesn’t feel like enough! Looking back on our pictures from the hospital, it’s wild to see how much she’s…

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