Our Engagement Photos

Now that you’ve read all about the proposal, and because I’m still obsessed with them, I thought I’d share our engagement photos! Baseball has been a part of our relationship ever since Tyler and I started dating. In high school, Tyler played baseball and I played soccer. Since we were both busy with school and sports, a lot of our dates consisted of me going…

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The Proposal – Our Engagement Story

Who’s ready for story time?! As we prepare for little Rosie’s arrival, we’ve been reminiscing on all of the major milestones of our relationship over the years. It’s so crazy to think that our story started when we were just 16 years old. We even told each other then that we knew we had met the one. Lucky for us it worked out! Even though…

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Bumpdate 26 Weeks

I’m close to entering the third trimester and we had a doctor’s visit this week, so I thought it was time for an update. I can’t even believe how close we are to the end! It’s hard to imagine that I’m going to get bigger than I already am, but I can already taste the sweet victory of Amp and mimosas at the end of the journey!

#RelationshipGoals: Mitchel & Emily Whorton

Every month, we’re highlighting a fabulous couple that inspires and reminds us how much we love being in LOVE! Get ready to “awww” over this month’s adorable couple, Mitchel and Emily! I came across Emily’s Instagram a year or two ago and couldn’t help but follow along on her journey. Emily has the sweetest photos, captions that are GOLD and a beautifully written blog where she writes…

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How I Met My Husband

It all started in the summer of 2006. Maybe earlier? But 2006 is the earliest we can remember. We caught a glimpse of each other over summer vacation, at the catering company where both of our parents worked. We were both working for some extra cash. Tyler and his older brother walked by and I remember my mom saying, “Those two are checking you out!” during…

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