Weekends with the Wesleys v. 59 – Rosie’s Baptism

I’ve decided to post about our weekend now, because honestly the rest of it doesn’t matter! And we’re excited to share photos of our special day with Rosie. 😂 Today, on November 11, our sweet Rosie was Baptized at Cathedral of Christ the King. We chose November 11 because helllllo 11/11 has got to be lucky! We also would’ve loved to share April 11 with her (our anniversary date), but we didn’t want to wait that long! When I saw November 11 was available, I had to choose our love 🖤 number! This cathedral holds so many special memories for…

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Halloween with the Wesleys

Tyler and I love Halloween! We honestly never really have big plans (we had a party the first year in our house), but we do have little traditions! Before we bought our home, we would take my little brother trick or treating. We’d walk around my mom’s neighborhood first, but there aren’t a lot of kids in the neighborhood anymore so there’s not much action. So then we’d take him to Tyler’s parents neighborhood because they’re are a TON of houses, a TON of kids and they give out the big candy bars! 😂 I don’t remember the story behind…

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5 Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Pup

  I can’t believe it’s almost Halloween!! Tyler and I don’t do much because we love to hand out candy to our trick or treaters. They’re so cute I can’t even deal. 🙈 Tyler and I always dress the same every year – I’m a Hufflepuff from Hogwarts and Tyler is the dreamy Hufflepuff quidditch captain. 😍 This year we’re so excited about adding Rosie to the mix! She’s going to be a mandrake. 😂 We love seeing everyone’s costume and we always give a shit ton of candy to any kid dressed in anything Harry Potter related. 😂 And…

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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 58

Well hellooooo… It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted. I’ve been trying so hard to write some sort of post lately! But between staring at Rosie 24 hours a day and bingeing One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, all I’ve been able to do is make lists and jot down ideas I’ve been brainstorming. I did however recently post my pregnancy guide! Anyway, onto our weekend! Weekends have become even more sacred to us. With Tyler working and his commute being ridiculously far, Rosie and I get little time with him in the evenings. So now, more than ever, weekends are…

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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 57: Rosie’s Birth Story

  Hi there, Tyler here writing a guest blog post for the exhausted new Mama Pooks! If you know anything about me and my writing, then you know that I’m long winded and thorough when it comes to storytelling. So sorry I’m not sorry, but this will be a long blog post about the most epic weekend EVER!   Ready or not, here I come!   If I were to pick a theme for Rosie’s arrival, for more reasons than one, it would have to be this common playground phrase. After patiently waiting nine months and three days, Rosie finally…

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