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Bumpdate 39 Weeks

My last bumpdate!! I can’t believe it! With one week until my due date, this girl could pop out at ANY MINUTE. We’ve spent the last few weeks running around and making sure we have everything ready to go for her arrival.

I’m officially sending her an eviction notice, because it’s time for her to roll out. My doctor said she’s good to go, so I’m all for getting her out of me. If you have any tips on getting the ball rolling, send them my way!

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Home girl is as big as an AMERICAN SHORTHAIR CAT. Or, you know, a pumpkin if you’re into the food thing. Can you imagine birthing a fully grown cat?? Yikes.

Anyways, nothing exciting going on, just packing on some weight. She’s dropped down and getting in position (as far as I can tell). I’m trying my best not to waddle, but it definitely feels weird. She’s still moving around in there but I’d like it a lot better if she was moving on down and out…


Um, HUGE. Like, beyond huge. The only thing I’m thinking about these days is that I want her to come out NOW. I’ve had a lot of swelling and a little stretch mark action thanks to her dropping, which is seriously tanking my self confidence. I’m dying to get back into my regular clothes – Or to just wear something LOOSE for that matter. I haven’t really thought much about the actual delivery, so I’m not too worried about that. There is a little worry about how much it will hurt after, but honestly I’m just more concerned with getting my body and weight back. I know it takes time and all that, but it can’t come soon enough.


Last week my hands and feet were swelling an INSANE amount. Luckily, it’s gone down a lot, but I’m still too swollen to wear any of my shoes. I miss them all!!

Since she’s dropped, I’ve noticed some stretch marks coming in, which I’m completely devastated about. #priorities Will I ever get to wear a bikini again?

Nothing I do helps me look less huge, so I’ve succumbed to only wearing maxi dresses until she arrives, because anything else is just stupid. I look like I’m wearing a tent. It’s too hot in Georgia to hide under a cardigan. I promised myself that whenever I got pregnant I wouldn’t just let myself go. So even though I’m doing my best to look put together all the way up to the end, I’m almost to the point of not caring, lol.

Although the swelling is worst in my feet, I’m swollen all over! I just don’t even feel comfortable showing my legs (or arms for that matter). So while maxis and light cardigans are hot, I’m wearing them anyway in an attempt to hide my sausage bod.


None, really. I feel like I’ve been more partial to things that are sweet lately, but nothing in particular. I’m really considering faking a 2 am craving and sending hubs to Krispy Kreme to get blueberry doughnuts, just to give him the experience of a crazy pregnant wife craving. I feel like he’s missing out since I’m so boring!




Nothing other than nursing bras – Our hospital bag is finally complete! You can see everything we packed here.


I actually got a surprise shower with another mama to be at work the other week and ended up receiving so many amazing necessary things! We were short on diapers and wipes, and we got a ton! We also received a ton of bath supplies and honestly just a lot of everyday things that I know we will need. It was so so helpful!

We purchased a few monogrammed things, like a bow swaddle, a onesie, a silver baby bracelet and pacifiers. We haven’t really purchased anything else, although we still need a swing! I’ve been going back and forth between a Dockatot and a Rockaroo, but I’m just over spending money so I’ve been holding off on everything.

We’ve mostly been working on organizing everything in her room. Other than two décor items, it’s complete and ready to go! Hubs created the perfect rose wall above the changing table and we finally found a lamp that we like. Everything looks SO good, especially since Tyler was so adamant on painting the crib white.. It’s by far my favorite room in the house!!


Her arrival. Bringing her home. Putting my rings back on. Wearing normal clothes. Working out again. Kissing her face. Haha


“Anxiously waiting for her arrival. Seems like time flew by until the last month and now she’s just comfy and staying put in the Pook’s belly! Come out we want to play with you!!!

Other than waiting, I’ve been trying my best to do as much as I can around the house to help a Mama Pooks out. She’s not lying when she says she swollen, so I know she must be a little uncomfortable when she has chores! So I’m taking over her load as well.” — He’s not lying. Hubs has been the absolute best and I really haven’t had to lift a finger at home. I know he’s tired too since he started his new job, but I’ve been so appreciative of how much he’s taken over lately. I can’t wait to be able to spoil him a bit and take over while I’m at home with Rosie!



Hopefully the next “bumpdate” will be BUMP FREE! Rosie, we’re ready for you!