Our First Father's Day: Weekends with the Wesley v. 48

Last week was a rough one (#thirdtrimesterproblems). Work has been really busy with constant onboardings, so lately I’ve been feeling like I’m going a mile a minute. (Which explains the lack of posts, lately) By Thursday, it was really taking a toll on me and hubs talked me into taking the afternoon off.

After the much needed break on Thursday, I was looking forward to Friday being done and over with. Unfortunately, I stayed later than usual which was a complete bummer.

Eventually, the weekend finally arrived!

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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 47 : A low key week + weekend


After an intense few weeks, a relaxed weekend was definitely welcome. Ty’s mama is finally out of the hospital and is doing pretty well, although we’re still all on edge! We also pushed out our maternity photos. So now we have some extra time to get everything around the house done in time.

It was a pretty low key weekend, so it’s not even worth diving into day by day like I usually do. So instead, I’ll just do a little summary. 🙂

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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 46

We had an eventful, yet uneventful weekend. We had a family emergency that led us to the ER Wednesday night (nothing to do with us!). We’ve spent most of our time visiting the hospital and running errands this weekend, but that’s life!

Unfortunately, my MIL will still be in the hospital. But things are looking up and hopefully Monday will be the last day!

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Travel Diaries: Calvi, France 


The next stop in our effort to document the places we’ve traveled is Calvi, France!

This was one of our spots on a family cruise we took. We had one day to spend, so naturally we spent it at the beach! We don’t have too much to say because I spent the whole day laying out on the rock dock. But we can say it was beautiful!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite photos and 5 of our favorite memories from our day trip. Enjoy! 😍

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Weekends with the Wesleys v. 45


We got SO much done this weekend, which is why this post is up a day late. I was so exhausted from the weekend that I came home from work on Tuesday and passed out for the night. Which meant this post wasn’t ready to go… Oops!

This weekend was so fun because we kicked it off by celebrating Tyler’s birthday! I love celebrating his birthday because I get to make everything all about HIM, since he usually makes everything all about me! Plus, we got lucky with both of our birthdays because it always falls on a three-day weekend, so we get an extra day to party.

Tyler was a little bitter this year because he’s getting old, but I tried to make it fun anyway. You can’t go wrong with sweets, sushi and birthday gifts, amiright?!

In between our little celebrations, we did a LOT this weekend. Since we’re taking our maternity pictures in our home, we’re feeling the urgency of knocking out a lot of the to-dos we’ve been pushing off for months.

By the end of the weekend, it felt like we drank 548 Starbucks, drove 593,609 miles and checked 977,908 things off of our list. Cheers to being productive!

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