Wandering Wesleys: Scottsdale, Arizona

You may have noticed on my Instagram that we recently had a little getaway to celebrate our ten year anniversary! Ever since our honeymoon, we dreamed of going back to our resort in Mexico to celebrate ten years, but Zika ruined our plans! In an attempt to find a resort that was warm and without spring breakers, we settled on Arizona.

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Wesley Gender Reveal



Hey Everyone,

It’s Tyler writing a guest entry for Stacie’s blog. Although I guess I’m not really a guest since most entries feature me and my weekend activities as well, but I’m a guest in the sense that I don’t typically write full entries. However, I will take credit for proofreading most articles (the typos you find are the articles I didn’t proofread!).

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Bumpdate 18 Weeks


I finally broke down and bought some clothes, so I thought I’d take the time to reflect on my bump so far! Things are starting to fit differently (or not at all..) and it is SO weird. Some of my fave pieces of clothing that were previously soo loose and comfortable are now getting tight! I thought I would be able to wear those for most of my pregnancy! Not the case. 😭

I’ve tried the hair tie trick and the belly band and y’all…I don’t know how people do it. It is SO UNCOMFORTABLE. Maybe it’s because I’m use to higher waisted jeans? Both hacks were just making me feel like I was gaining a ton of weight rather than growing a babe.

A lot has gone on the past few weeks so here’s a little update if you’re interested.

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